Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Two Months!!

I know I am a terrible blogger but let's be honest for the most part the chickens just sit there.

However, today is their TWO month birthday.

Notice the dust! They are getting so BIG and Bernadette may not be the prettiest. as she gets older. 

Eight weeks is the time when they now have all their grown-up feathers and can be moved outdoors. Brian and I have been counting down until today. Excited to get them out of the apartment. (seriously our apartment is SO dusty)

BUT... today I got a call from the city. I knew I needed a health permit but I really assumed it would be easy as I knew the health director, but now the environmental health department is involved and they need a coop rendering, a waste management plan, and a sit down meeting.

Are you serious?!

So now my chickens are moving out to a nice farmers farm for a few weeks while we get this sorted out. I just think they deserve more space, sunshine, and they need to roost. It is best for their development.

I tried to name drop all over the place this morning with the city's environmental manager. I said I was an MPH in environmental health too, I worked under Chesapeake Health Departments director, my Dad is a veterinarian, I am a farmer with lots of chicken experience but... she said nothing much and just "hmmm" She asked how I would wash their coop and I said I wouldn't as water isn't good for them and she was very concerned. I said I would use cedar chips and compost their waste in an enclosed tumbler but she didn't seem impressed.

I think this may become a painful process. Praying it is just us showing our competence and then moving forward.

Brian and I are very sad our babies have to go further out in the country and I am worried for them. Frank is a great guy though and he has lots of chickens so I know they will be safe.

My poor babies. :( I'll miss them.


  1. aww...i'm sorry your chickens have to move out to the farm. let me know if you need help w/ the coop rendering.

  2. bummer!!

    my sister had chickens in a coop that my grandfather made in our back yard. this is fact.

  3. ugh. i'm sorry your chickens aren't with you now! i would go crazy on someone if they took chuck from me.