Monday, March 21, 2011

And..... we are famous

Today was the day our little chicks made the paper!!
Well the "idea" of them did. We still didn't talk about their actual presence but it is now known they are coming to the farm market.
The article was very brief but the reporter and I talked for seriously 4 hours.

and at one point she asked me if a rooster could lay an egg.
Seriously. Ah the American media.

It was pretty frustrating to be interviewed. I felt the reporter was really trying to act like it was a much bigger deal than it is. Because really it isn't a big deal.

But it was right there above the fold and they are famous! The title of the article is HILARIOUS!! "Norfolk woman pecks away at chicken ban" I felt weird to even be called a woman. When did I get so old.

You can find it here:

You must read the comments below. People are CRAZY! It seems pretty hard for people to understand you don't need a rooster to have an egg. Ah, 7th grade science.

Anyways, pretty exciting! :)

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  1. Nice job Bryn!!! It is interesting how people don’t understand things we take for granted about animals and farming...I remember people thinking only bulls had horns when we showed cattle at the fair...and arguing with me when I tried to correct them....and I had a friend who put in her first veggie garden and she said the only thing she couldn’t find were the stalks you grow the corn on....just no experience with it before!!! I didn’t realize how fast the chicks begin to get their BIG feathers. It is sad you don’t get more of the cute baby time I agree. Keep up the good fight!!!! Love to you and Brian Aunt Barbara