Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling All Chicken Prayers

Our baby's should have been shipped today. One day old and they are off on a HUGE adventure. I awoke today so very excited and went to work getting the final pieces for our chicks home and giving my phone number to the post office so they can call me and I can pick them up ASAP.

I needed to pick up a baby chick waterer at the local feed and seed store (not the Norfolk one). Well it turns out they didn't have any but BOY did they have an opinion on my chicks. The man behind the counter pretty much told me to prepare myself for dead chickens. He said how he never gets baby chicks through the mail because they will freeze to death and urban chickens will just get eaten by raccoons. Thanks for the buzz kill.

I just told him my Daddy is a veterinarian and a farmer and he said it was okay... so there!

But it sorta but me in a funk all day. I am so nervous and anxious for the little guys while they make their way.

They should be here tomorrow morning but it could be Wednesday! Brian will be able to go with me to pick them up if it is tomorrow morning and I would like him there just to be sure it is all okay.

We are praying in our home tonight for the chicks safe and healthy arrival and I believe they need lots more prayers! So just be thinking of them tonight and pray the postal workers treat them well and they get here early tomorrow!!

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  1. Good luck with the project Bryn. I assume you are trying to get the interest of the city public health folks by advertising what you are doing. Hope you can bring about change in this city government that has forgotten the farmers and urban land owners with latent farmer tendencies.