Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting SO Big!!

Martha, Betty, and Bernadette had a busy week of eating, sleeping, chirping, and repeat.
They spend most of their time trying to sleep but it always seems one is running around disturbing the other ones.
It is amazing how much they have already changed. I am sad the "cute" phase goes so quickly. They already are forming their wing feathers and I noticed today Martha and Betty's little comb begin to form.
Brian and I had to travel to DC one night this week and Moe did a good job chick sitting. He really just sits ON their cage everyday all day.
Here is a little picture update :)
Moe's new favorite sitting spot
Sometimes he tries to "play" with them. 
Getting in some "people" time so they grow up being more comfortable around humans.
They LOVE being held and fall asleep in seconds. 
Moe the chicken sitter.
Our family
This is the box the chicks were shipped in. It is now Moe's new bed.
Bernadette is narcoleptic. As soon as you pick her up.... she falls immediately asleep.  I swear she is not dead.
All grown up with big kid feathers.
The little comb is starting to form
Bernadette, the little Easter Egger, is soooo pretty!

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