Saturday, March 5, 2011

"How Did I Get Here?!"

"How Did I Get Here?".... a term I hear often coming from Brian's mouth.  He first said it on his first trip to meet my family. We had been on the farm less than 20 minutes before one of the baby lambs got in the grainery (Definition:  building usually intended to house animals for long periods during the winter season) and ate an entire bag of cracked corn. Sheep, like other ruminant animals, can eat themselves to death and so immediately Brian had to help me stick tubes down the squirming lambs throat, pour soapy water down, and let it throw up all over us.

Welcome to farm life, city boy!

I have heard him say it often as we drive hours to produce auctions, spend our life savings on green houses, spend hours in a field bending over planting collards in the 95 degree weather and now today as we prepare for the arrival of our first THREE little baby chickens.  But he is my super trooper and probably one of the most supportive husbands on the face of the earth.
(Brian on vacation at the farm. vacation = free labor for my family)

 (Working my family's produce stand at farm market within a week of returning from 7 month deployment!)

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  1. Bryn....this is great!!!!! what fun ..... way to be a chicken warrior! It makes me want to get my chickens now although I don't have any of the stuff I need....have to get the veggie garden ready first then on to are lucky to have Brian be such a great "helper". Your Aunt