Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy TWO weeks chicks!

Who knew in just two short weeks these little guys would cause such a stir!

Bernadette on the left, and Betty on the right
I can't believe how big they are!!!

Well poor Bernie (the little Easter Egger is going to be MUCH smaller than her fellow sisters! They Rhode Island Reds are like 1/3 bigger. The picture doesn't show just how big a difference there is.

At this age they are just starting to act like big chicks and that means pecking order. Poor Bernie seems like she isn't going to be on the top of the totem pole. Poor Brian about had a heart attack the first time they pecked each other. He ran over and said, "I'll peck you and show you who is boss" and I had to explain it is just how they are. We will put another little roosting spot up high so Bernie can escape if she needs to!! I think Brian relates most with Bernie, as he too was the runt of his family :)

I'm sitting here watching them try their hardest to fly. It is hilarious, they scare the heck out of each other!!

Well off to garden! I spent the morning cleaning up the area their coop will eventually be in and now that our frost free date has passed I am going to plant some tomatoes!

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