Saturday, March 5, 2011


We are currently residents of the city of Norfolk in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.  We have been here for two and half years, while Brian is stationed at Naval Station Norfolk. I am a manager at the Five Points Community Farm Market. 

While working at the farm market I became aware of the city's ordinances banning the keeping of poultry and bee's within the city! I became pretty passionate about repealing the beekeeping ban, especially in this time of Colony Collapse Disorder. While working with the city on this issue I learned of a loophole in the city's ordinance. While I had been previously told it was illegal to keep bee's and poultry within city limits, it is actually only illegal on residentially zoned lots within the city!!! The city ordinance does NOT prohibit the keeping of chickens and bee's on lots zoned anything else.

Lucky me working at the farm market on a lot zoned..... light industrial!

With a quick ask of my supervisor and our landlord I quickly purchased three baby chickens before ANYONE could stop me!

We are now expecting our baby's on Tuesday!!

Slightly forbidden, we are excited to use this loophole to help usher in a conversation with city officials on the creation of more sustainable friendly ordinances and use our chickens as a "pilot" project showing others how friendly, easy, clean, quiet, and AWESOME backyard chickens can be!!

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