Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is our Martha, Betty, and Bernadette's first week birthday!
And BOY have they grown!! Since getting them a week ago, it seems they have doubled in size. And today all of them popped their first tail feathers. It was crazy how in the eight hours we were away they grew tails!

Brian and I ended up having an entire day off together! (it never happens as I work weekends) so we made the most of our day and took a day trip to Elizabeth City, NC. It is only about 45 minutes away and is super country. We stumbled across a Tractor Supply Company and decided to stop and buy our babies a NEW big chick gift!

The chick waterer is on the right, they will eventually grow into using the one on the left.

Now that our babies are one week we retired their DIY waterer made from old recycled yogurt cups. This one is much stronger and will last them through their first few months!

We also saw a REAL adult automatic waterer for sale. This one holds 2 gallons and will ensure they always have access to fresh water. And... it looks just like the one my Mommy uses!

Finally, their BIG one week birthday surprise was Brian installing a roosting perch! A little dowel stick will do the trick and give them the chance to practice roosting! They aren't very good at it yet and just hide behind it for right now.
Excuse their messy cage! You would think they were born in a barn. 
We tried to decrease their temperature by 5 degrees today to 90 degrees, like all the books say but they didn't like that too much so we put it back up and will watch them. If they get too hot they will begin to stay farther away from the heat lamp and then we will turn the temperature down more. 

One week down.... :) Honestly, we are realizing how care free and self sufficient they can be. Just be sure they always have water, food, and change their bedding once a day but other than that.... they just hang. So don't be afraid to get out there... and get your own!

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  1. i love your blog. it is hilarious! i loved the caption to that last photo.