Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW! We ARE famous!!

So yesterday the little article ran in the paper and today... there were three more!!

People are pretty pumped my last name is Bird and I am for chickens.
Thank goodness I didn't take my married name. See there really was a good reason I stayed Bird!

You can see the funny follow-up articles:

Where they say I am a "all around good person"

Super cute article about a guy's love for chicks.

And finally... the REAL stamp of approval
Kerry Dougherty is one of the main columnist here in the Hampton Roads region. She doesn't like many people and calls city council out ALL the time. She is pretty influential and today she gave me her stamp of approval. HUGE! I have been getting texts over her article all day.

It is kind of crazy all of this happened over the last two days. I finally made a big old splash here in the Norfolk and all of a sudden a lot of people know who I am. I am a little activist and I am excited to bring about change, however, yesterday we found out we will be moving by July 31st. Though we knew it change was coming I hate to see an actual date attached to it.

Don't worry my chicks have a good future home and will be cared for by Amelia Baker of Green Alternatives but what will happen to the bee ban and chicken ban? I hate that finally when it all starts to get noticed I will have to leave.

But isn't that life and especially that of a Navy wife.

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